Your Donations at Work

The following items describe the incredible accomplishments the Foundation has made over the past 2 years….accomplishments only possible because of generous donors like you!



Wow!  What an impact your donations are having on students and their families.  Over the past 24 months, the Foundation has awarded 23 scholarships!  Each of these scholarships is based on financial need.  Any family interested in learning more should contact the Trinity Lutheran School Principal for an application.  Without our donors generosity, we would not be able to do this important work.  We can think of nothing more important than a community of Christians helping young families who are struggling.


New Playground Equipment

 Because of your help, the Foundation was able to partner with the school and the PTL to purchase new playground equipment.  What a wonderful addition this is!  Kids grow up much too quickly in today’s society….children need space to run, imagine and be carefree.  Exercise, play and the opportunity to enjoy God’s wonderful outdoor world helps accomplish this and is an important element of Trinity’s educational approach:  mind, spirit and body.


New Textbooks

 It is so important that we provide state-of-the art educational tools for all of our students.  Last year, the school was in need of updated textbooks for reading, literature and science.  Your generosity allowed the Foundation to make a substantial donation making these textbooks a reality. 



Outdoor Learning Spaces

These spaces have been developed with 3 areas of focus:

  1. An Outdoor Classroom
  2. A Community Garden
  3. A Natural Area Featuring Missouri Native Plants

Our students now have the opportunity to plant and maintain flowers and vegetables as well as study and identify birds attracted to the area.  This project focuses on the gifts that God has provided and allows students to see these gifts grow and thrive.



Entry Hall Improvements

 Thanks to your donations, the Foundation was able to lend a hand in the renovation of the north and south hallways of the school entrances.  This update was necessary for several reasons, including student comfort, safety and energy efficiency.  Mission accomplished!



Music Workshop

Mr. Tory Z. Starbuck’s Fun with Muzik and Technology held an all-school assembly where he demonstrated musical instruments from around the world.  After the assembly, he held workshops with the K-8 students, allowing them to inspect and try their hand at the unique instruments.  This experience allowed students to explore their own talents in musicianship and innovation and gave them an expanded view of music around the world.